24 gennaio, 2007

Happy birthday! :D

Photos by Davide Cassanello © 2006 - All rights reserved


Blogger Weltall said...

Auguri 'leonora!!!

11:15 AM  
Blogger Vale said...

Auguroni dalle tanti bacioni!!!

12:11 PM  
Anonymous mikyalpha from sestriere said...

ciao Deiv tanti auguri e saluta tuo padre!
qui tutto bene......
ci si sente

1:13 PM  
Anonymous fla said...


2:27 PM  
Blogger Walker Elmas Ranger said...

Auguri Trallallalla!

4:59 PM  
Anonymous hamineco said...


You seem to really spend a very happy birthday of her.

You'd really captured those precious moments which is so nice!

I'm sure that she would appreciate all those pictures when she grew up.

Happy Birthday!

10:07 PM  
Blogger davide said...

Grazie a tutti!!
Thank you all!!! :D

@weltall : Grazie cugino
@Vale : ok sarà fatto :P
@Miky : Grazie cugino grande!!
@Fla : Troppo bona vero?! :D
@Nick : Cos'hai detto? Tricchetracche?!
@Hami : Nice to see you! It's been a loong time! She spent a wonderful birthday, I'm happy for her :)

(BTW my brother is in Tokyo right now... if you encount a guy like me it's not me :DDD)

11:57 PM  
Anonymous "ikko" said...


3:13 AM  

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