04 gennaio, 2007

Christmas grandma

Photo by Davide Cassanello © 2006 - All rights reserved


Blogger Vale said...

oooo che carina la nonnina!!!
:) :) :)

2:02 PM  
Anonymous fla said...

la noooooooooooooooooonna!

6:56 PM  
Anonymous nana said...

wow this is so beautiful photo, Deiv-san! ;o)) i really love your grandma's expression, and this christmas color!
oh by the way, can i ask a favor? i'd like to link to your blog from my site, but can i?

12:47 PM  
Blogger davide said...

@Vale & Fla : Ciao ammori!!!

@Nana : Sure!!! I should be glad of it!
I will link your blog too ;)

9:06 PM  

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